Tabletop support system: Oshiete! Glicotch

From Amazon Alexa Skill’s “Oshiete! Glicotch,” you can enjoy fun conversation with the interface, Glicotch, that teaches you valuable information about your food.
All you have to do is tell Glicotch the name of the food and Glicotch will explain the ingredients, nutritional information, recommended preparation styles and trivia about it.
The nutritional information provided is collected from “Quick Nutrition Navigator,” which is published by nutritionist specialists, so the information is up to date and reliable. Going forward, Glicotch will expand on this point and focus on suggesting foods for good nutritional balance according to each family as well as strengthening support for the idea of “Delicious and Healthy.”


Glico was originally dedicated to Glicogen, a necessary nutrient for energy, but has since expanded to do research on all types of nutrients. Using our “Quick Nutrition Navigator,” it is possible for us to provide valuable information that relates to food habits. Furthermore, due to our long research on all types of health, we can make the idea of “Delicious and Healthy” a reality. What we have in mind is “changing the world through food.” Using our skills, we believe we can make a contribution to nutrition intake, people’s attitudes towards food, conversations families have while eating, the balance of “health” and “cuisine” as well as enlivening the communication between family members.

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