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  • NTT sonority, Inc.

    nwm by NTT sonority :
    Seamless Sound for a Seamless World.

    NTT sonority

    Introducing a completely new approach to earphones that doesn’t block your ears and keeps the sound inside with NTT’s innovative technology PSZ.

  • Cool Flash -Japan Biodesign Osaka-

    Cool Flash

    Cool Flash -Japan Biodesign Osaka

    Introducing Cool Flash, the world's first theuraputic device designed to be worn on the neck for the treatment of hot flashes. Being developed by the researchers at Japan Biodesign Osaka at Osaka University Graduate School of Medicine, utilizing innovative Neuromodulation technology. Not only does Cool Flash provide effective treatment, but it also boasts a sleek and stylish design, making it difficult to perceive as a theuraputic device—more like a fashionable accessory. The device is lightweight and adjustable, ensuring a custom fit for enhanced comfort.

  • Kyoto Shisaku Net

    The Thermoelectrical Waste Heat Power Generation System

    Kyoto Shisaku Net

    Presenting a groundbreaking device generating electricity from the temperature contrast between ambient conditions and factory waste heat, previously considered unusable. Operating at 100°C high-temperature and room temperature low-temperature, it produces 6V and 6.25mW, equal to a coin battery. The thermoelectric modules cater to varying power needs. At Kyoto Shisaku Net, we support clients through prototyping, addressing challenges, and prioritizing cost reduction.

  • Z-Max Co. Ltd.

    High-power Peltier Module

    Z-Max Co. Ltd.

    Presenting an innovative Thermoelectric Cooler (Peltier module) characterized by substantial heat absorption, and efficient performance at an economical price point. A Peltier, a semiconductor element driven by direct current, allows for precise control over cooling, heating, and temperature. Z-Max can provide not only standard products but also customized products according to customer specifications, prioritizing delivery of swift solutions to your specific needs.

  • JOHNAN Corporation

    Twinkle Orizru

    JOHNAN Corporation

    JOHNAN Corporation’s pioneering "mounting technology for functional films" liberates product design constraints, unlocking new possibilities. Our distinctive paper sheet mounting technology enables printing silver patterns on special paper, forming a paper-thin board for mounting electrical components. This cutting-edge technology offers numerous benefits, including flexibility, ease of cutting and folding, and the ability to attach to various surfaces.

  • Next Core Technologies Inc.


    Next Core Technologies

    The industrialization of amorphous laminated cores is set to revolutionize the energy industry and other sectors, marking a major advancement in energy efficiency. Our company has overcome challenges in optimizing magnetic properties, punching press processing, and in-house core production. This groundbreaking achievement signifies a pioneering move toward globally unprecedented mass-production-capable amorphous laminated cores.

  • Kaltech Corporation

    TURNED K mini (smart deodorizer)

    Kaltech Corporation

    Introducing Kaltech's latest photocatalytic deodorizer, which is compact, easy to carry, and suitable for any environment. Photocatalyst technology can decompose all kinds of odors and organic matter developed in Japan, rather than just retaining like regular air purifier with filter. Published a paper on its application to degrade allergens from household pets, allowing residents to enjoy a comfortable coexistence with dogs and cats. It can also break down odor components better than any other air purifier related technology. In addition to deodorizing, Kaltech has stylish humidifiers with photocatalyst technology.

  • Jikantechno Inc.

    Rice Motor Case

    Jikantechno Inc.

    Jikan Techno unveils the world's first motor case crafted from biomass carbon, resin, and magnetic material, a breakthrough compared to conventional all-metal cases. Utilizing a Climate Tech approach, the company transforms agricultural residues, like rice husks, into carbon, promoting sustainability, carbon neutrality, and reduced greenhouse gas emissions. This innovation contributes to a greener life cycle, addressing global climate change challenges.

  • i-enter Corporation,Ltd.

    IoT Water Quality Sensor, AI Fish Size Estimation Camera

    i-enter Corporation,Ltd.

    IoT Water Quality Sensor is a service that enables 24-hour real-time management of water quality data from marine and land-based aquaculture, rivers and ponds via a web browser. AI Fish Size Estimation Camera is a service that takes pictures of fish with a stereo camera, detects migrating fish bodies using deep learning image recognition technology, and measures fish body size without touching the fish using a binocular lens and fish location information.

  • CELUMIX. inc

    alpdc Oral Rinse Plus

    CELUMIX Inc.

    While effective in sterilization, traditional mouthwashes indiscriminately eliminate both good and bad bacteria, disrupting the balance crucial for maintaining health. Our APIDC: innovative oral rinse offers a revolutionary solution that selectively targets only harmful bacteria using antibacterial substances derived from lactic acid bacteria obtained from individuals free of tooth decay or periodontal disease and selected natural ingredients.

  • toraru co., ltd.


    toraru co. Ltd.

    GENCHI, the pioneering online transportation alternative, aims to create a global virtual transportation network. Utilizing on-site personnel, robots, drones, and more, this project enables users to navigate the real world just like logging into the Metaverse. Unlike watching static news clips or live streaming, GENCHI empowers users to move within venues, interact with exhibitors, and even give directions to locals, providing an immersive and interactive experience.

  • Excellence Co., Ltd.


    Excellence Co. Ltd.

    Excellence Co debuts an advanced security system at CES 2024, elevating safety in homes and offices. Utilizing millimeter wave radar technology, it features automatic entry locking with AI-driven facial recognition. The system goes further, detecting body temperature for fever alerts and employs innovative metal detection to prevent firearm entry. Excellence Co provides a top-notch training program for its programmers and engineers. Excellence Co strives for a secure and intelligent environment.

  • Wakayama Prefecture

    Travel in Wakayama

    Wakayama Prefecture

    Wakayama Prefecture is blessed with oceans, mountains, and rivers, and offers a wealth of travel attractions such as historical sightseeing spots, leisure activities, onsen, and tasty cuisine. The Kumano Kodo, World Heritage Site (UNESCO), is a pilgrimage route that has been walked by our ancestors since ancient times, and trekking in the midst of the natural surroundings is a historical experience rooted in the spiritual culture of Japan.

  • RICOS Co. Ltd.

    RICOS Lightning

    RICOS Co. Ltd.

    RICOS is an innovative company that combines CAE with cutting-edge scientific and technological advancements. With our core technology, we've developed AI-CAE systems, which are significantly faster than existing current CAE systems, utilizing advanced machine learning techniques. Our AI-CAE is capable of directly utilizing 3D model data, making it extensively accessible and usable across wide manufacturing enterprises. This core technology enables computations that are 100 times faster than conventional CAE along with high accuracy and is patented to ensure unique and advanced solutions in the field.

  • Nagoya University

    Remote Exam system to connect physician and patient.

    Nagoya University

    Nagoya University has created a groundbreaking remote examination system connecting physicians and patients online. Utilizing the cloud system, physician access patient anytime, anywhere, and this revolutionary system allows the physician to palpate! This enables patients to receive timely urgent care or triage, breaking free from time and day constraints.

  • Rimo LLC.

    Talk Today, Publish Tomorrow - AI’s article revolution

    Rimo LLC.

    "Rimo" is an AI article editor with audio source. "Rimo" consists of two functions: "Rimo AI Editor," where AI helps a writer to compose articles based on interview audio sources, and "Rimo AI Interviewer," where AI itself constructs questions with an interviewee and conducts interviews. Let's create a world with Rimo where it's not just AI creating content, but humans and AI together producing great content.

  • Daiya Industry Co., Ltd.

    UPS(Unplugged Suits)

    Diya Industry Co. Ltd.

    The new type of soft exoskeleton is developed. UPS achieves and provides flexible movement while providing good amount of support with pneumatic artificial muscles. The wearability is also remarkably improved to be able to implement in various industries where workers need to lift objects repetitively. We prioritize the wearer's environment and long-term usability so that we can provide appropriate support with people and users..

  • Nakamura Co. Ltd.


    Nakamura Co. Ltd.

    In Japan, our WALL TV Stand 600,000 units have been shipped, while in the United States, within just six months of its launch, we achieved sales of 3000 units. WALL TV Stand, which received the prestigious Reddot Design Award—one of the world's top three design awards—has made its debut at CES. Recognized for its adaptability to various lifestyles, resilience to future changes, and backed by solid technology ensuring durability and safety, the WALL TV Stand stands out as the leading brand in the TV stand market, garnering significant attention.

  • Horiuchi Machinery Co., Ltd.

    Smart Hydraunics- hydraulic cylinder

    Horiuchi Machinery Co., Ltd.

    Horiuchi’s innovative “Smart Hydraunics” top-notch hydraulic cylinders offer solutions to every customer's challenge, delivered promptly, cost-effectively, and customized to the specifications. We are committed to eliminating oil leaks and minimizing electricity consumption. While conventional cylinders may endure oil leaks, we consider it our mission to eliminate this flaw and establish a new benchmark in hydraulic technology.

  • Creative Technology Co.

    Electrostatic jamming gripper /ESCleaner

    Creative Technology Co.

    Our company is showcasing new electrostatic technologies: the 'Electrostatic Jamming Gripper' and a low-power 'Electrostatic Cleaner.' Join our demos at the exhibition

  • Preseed Japan Corporation


    Preseed Japan Corporation

    AVIOT is an electronic devices brand operated by Preseed Japan Co., Ltd., established in 2018. Centered around audio products, the brand aims to bring innovation through the power of technology and materialize the ideals of its customers. Under the philosophy of delivering "Something that changes life", AVIOT strives to provide transformative products to everyone.

  • Kiddleton, Inc.

    4P Crane machine


    We are Kiddleton Kiosk, A Japanese arcade company, seeking to help business owners in all sectors by implementing our original Japanese gaming machines. We aim to create a space of happiness and nostalgia for people of all ages to curate joyful experiences in a small space.


Japan Tech Project support Japanese companies with state-of-the-art technologies to stand on the world stage of CES. The world is currently going through a technology boom. Is there any better place to measure what is happening, how it’s being evaluated and what the future looks like than the world’s largest Consumer technology exhibition? On top of that, it is a rare chance for Japanese companies to to get involved in real time and demonstrate their abilities and products. This project is not simply providing, exhibiting space, but also providing overall support from planning, PR activities. This project generates a new business opportunities for Japanese companies to jump into the global market. We hope this project to support the Japanese companies to establish its strong position in global market.

Booth image

Japan Tech Project at CES2024 Eureka Park

The CES Ambassador, Karen Chupka, has expressed her excitement for the involvement of Japan Tech Project.
Greetings to Japanese Innovators from CTA!
CES is the world’s gathering place for all who thrive on the business of consumer technology, welcoming exhibitors, buyers, investors, and business leaders from around the world each year.
We are happy and excited to welcome Creative Vision to CES, bringing together a collective of Japanese technologies and innovations to CES.
We look forward to welcoming you to CES, and seeing all the innovative ideas and technologies showcased by the country of Japan. Signature
Karen Chupka
Sr. Vice President, CES and Corporate Business Strategy
Consumer Technology Association

Karen Chupka


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