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  • Advanced Technology Lab.

    Next-generation muscular strength training machine

    Next-generation muscular strength training machine

    Take your muscular strength training to a next level.
    The training method developed by Dr. Kazuo Higa based on scientific approach was automated by IT utilization.
    Using this next-generation muscular strength training machine, the original method made possible to have the maximum effect of the muscular strength training to effect on one's body in a super short amount of time.

  • Robot Home Co., Ltd.

    Apartment kit, IoT service for turning rental properties into smart home

    Apartment kit, IoT service for turning rental properties into smart home

    Apartment kit IoT service enables safer and more convenient life for occupants in rental properties while it also improves the business efficiency of management companies with chat functions. In addition, Apartment kit can be integrated with solutions for owners and management companies, turning properties into smart homes and effectively maintaining occupancy rates.

  • STUFF Co., Ltd

    Deep Breath and Relax -
    “kitoki, Wooden Vital Sensing Device

    Deep Breath and Relax - “kitoki, Wooden Vital Sensing Device

    Want to refresh and focus on tasks in everyday life? Deep breath through “kitoki”, a wooden inhaler device.
    Its body is made of wood (Cypress), so its comfortable scent let you relaxed more.
    Through its smart sensing technology and algorithm, kitoki measures your psychophysiological state and notify when your body is relaxed.
    kitoki was launched on “Makuake”, a crowdfunding website, and raised over 93,000USD.

  • STUFF Co., Ltd

    Self-learning style IoT alcohol gadget TISPY

    Self-learning style IoT alcohol gadget TISPY

    TISPY is self-learning style IoT alcohol gadget which fundraised more than 130,000USD by crowdfunding in Japan.
    TISPY measures alcohol concentration in your body by alcohol sensor,
    and tells the better way to drink and the estimate of the time to sober up according to the accumulated data on FlashAir.

  • Makuake, Inc.

    "Future memo" and "Beauty equipment for facial muscles"

    Future memo and  Beauty equipment for facial muscles

    "Makuake" is the biggest crowdfunding platform in Japan.
    We will introduce our collaboration products with Japanese major enterprises. These were used our knowledge of new product development.

    Kakumiru with KING JIM:
    "Future memo" which reminds us what we wrote automatically.

    Beauty equipment for facial muscles applied oral hygiene research.

  • Uhuru Corporation

    Communicative Security Buzzer - Solarmori

    Communicative Security Buzzer - Solarmori

    Communicative security buzzer, "Solarmori" Clears up anxiety felt while your child is away.

    • Emotive stamps allow two way communication to provide relief.
    • Know where your child is with built-in GNSS.
    • Low power consumption and attached solar cells ensure long lasting battery life between charges.
  • Scentee Inc.

    The world's first AI room diffuser.

    The world's first AI room diffuser.

    The world's first room diffuser with AI, Scentee Machina is born.
    Not only functionality but also design that is familiar to high-end interior.
    It is a state-of-the-art room diffuser.
    All operations are available from dedicated applications. Anytime, anywhere, leave your favorite scent as you please.

  • PGV Inc.

    Innovative Brain Wave Monitoring "Patch-Type" EEG Sensor

    Innovative Brain Wave Monitoring Patch-Type EEG Sensor

    Patch-Type EEG sensor is newly innovative brain wave monitoring system.
    This small, light-weight, wireless system allows easy and daily measurements, and enables device penetration into each and every household.
    PGV plans to collect brain wave big data for further AI deep learning analysis and brain modeling in fields of medicine, sleep monitoring, and neuro-marketing.


JAPAN TECH PROJECT support Japanese companies with state-of-the-art technologies to stand on the world stage of CES. The world is currently going through a technology boom. Is there any better place to measure what is happening, how it’s being evaluated and what the future looks like than the world’s largest Consumer technology exhibition? On top of that, it is a rare chance for Japanese companies to to get involved in real time and demonstrate their abilities and products. This project is not simply providing, exhibiting space, but also providing overall support from planning, PR activities. This project generates a new business opportunities for Japanese companies to jump into the global market. We hope this project to support the Japanese companies to establish its strong position in global market.

Booth image

※The booth of CES 2019

The CES Ambassador, Karen Chupka, has expressed her excitement for the involvement of JAPAN TECH PROJECT.
Greetings to Japanese Innovators from CTA!
CES is the world’s gathering place for all who thrive on the business of consumer technology, welcoming exhibitors, buyers, investors, and business leaders from around the world each year.
We are happy and excited to welcome Creative Vision to CES 2018, bringing together a collective of Japanese technologies and innovations to CES for the first time.
We look forward to welcoming you to CES 2018, and seeing all the innovative ideas and technologies showcased by the country of Japan. Signature
Karen Chupka
Sr. Vice President, CES and Corporate Business Strategy
Consumer Technology Association

Karen Chupka


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